Nisen & Elliott understands that taxes impose a heavy responsibilty on every client and transaction. Taxation affects almost every commercial transaction as well as many personal situations. Tax laws are constantly changing, which creates new opportunities and challenges. Numerous structures, formats and entities are available to provide flexibility to business owners and their families with the added benefit of minimizing taxes. Nisen & Elliott has broad experience in all aspects of taxation including international, federal, state and local. Almost every client matter, from preparing tax returns to buying or selling a business to estate planning, has important tax issues. We structure transactions to minimize potential tax liabilities and maximize flexibility and future potential. In representing our tax clients, the firm implements the latest tax planning strategies and techniques. We have extensive experience in representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing agencies and handle all forms of tax litigation, protests, hearings and audits.

Clients have found year-end reviews with Nisen & Elliott to be helpful. Frequently, the issues discussed and considered at such time result in long-term benefits. We highly recommend meeting with our clients as frequently as necessary to review the impact of taxes on their business and financial affairs.